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Update: October 5, 2014

Santiam Hearts to Arts:
We’ve Got the Smarts to Love the Arts

Email: contact@heartstoarts.org

Alyson Stewart

Santiam Canyon
Community Chorus Director

Alyson Stewart

Get to know her HERE!

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 Want to DJ Your Own Radio Show?

 KYAC FM 94.9 DJ Training Coming Up!
October 5th. 2014 

Get ready for future DJ training at KYAC 94.9 FM in Mill City. You'll need a set of headphones, pencil/pen and paper and as storage device to play your show from. It can be either CD's, a laptop, Thumbdrive, IPad or Ipod.

Be prepared to audition at least three songs. Come prepared to discuss your concept of a show. After the class training you will go on the air with a brief training of the equipment and what to say.

Contact Ken Cartwright for more information. If you have not signed up yet, there is still time to do that. The training is for an on air show at KYAC only. There is no charge for this class.. Email Ken at kenc@wvi.com to RSVP a spot.

 KYAC FM 94.9
Learn More:
Ken Cartwright
(503) 897-6397 or kenc@wvi.com

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